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Date: 15 October 2018
Ad Mail Direct Inc  

United States

United States

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Laser printing, direct mail, ink-jet mailing and data entry services. Located in Solon, Ohio. Experience We have over 20 years of experience in producing high quality mail that gets results. Practical Scheduling We develop a practical schedule from the beginning to the end of your project so that mail deadlines are consistently met. Knowledgeable List Management We offer targeted mailing lists that assure your sales message reaches it's intended potential customers - those prospects whose profiles most resemble your best clients & most probable customers. Optimum Production Efficiency Our extensive knowledge of the newest equipment & mailing techniques assures your advertising mail is produced in the most efficient, least expensive manner. Versatile, Quality Printing We provide the highest quality standard, as well as personalized printing (Laser or Ink-jet). Letter Shop Services Once printed, we provide Letter Shop services to prepare your piece for the Post Office for ultimate delivery to your customers. Maximized Postal Discounts Our in-depth experience with U.S. Postal Service automation processing maximizes your postage discounts. You will never overpay postage.

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Posted: 30 September, 2005 00:52
Site Title: Ad Mail Direct - Contact us when you need results from your Direct Mail Marketing Projects
Site Desc: From concept to mailbox, We will manage your Mail project to your standard, your time line and your budget. We offer full turnkey mail project services.
Category: MECHANICAL / Packaging / Envelopes
Specialized in: Ad Mail Direct - Advertising - Cleveland Direct Mail Services - Data Entry - Direct Mail - Direct Mail Services - Ink Jet Printing - Ink-jet Printing - Inkjet Printing - Joe Constant - Laser Printing - Lettershop - List Processing - Mailing List - Mailing Services - Marketing - Ohio Direct Mail Services - Postal Automation
Products: Direct Mail Promotion, New Movers Promotion, Restaurant Birthday Card Program
Picture Gallery: Direct Mail Promotion New Movers Promotion Restaurant Birthday Card Program
Domain information: Administrative Contact:
Tran, Minh
3401 NW 39th St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68524
United States
(402) 470-2909 Fax -- (402) 470-2673
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