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Date: 21 September 2018

United States

United States

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Oklahoma City company providing direct mail postcards.Postcards-direct is a full Service mailing business, specializing in building your business through the direct mailing of promotional postcards, fliers or brochures. Postcard mailings are the most effective way to target an exact audience by customer list, zip code, carrier route or geographic boundaries. We can usually print, label and mail for less than the cost of a post card stamp. Think BIG! Postcards can be as large as 11.5” x 5.5” and still qualify for HUGE postage discounts.

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Postcards-direct is a full service mail house, specializing in the printing, labeling and mailing of promotional postcards. We use updated, professional mailing software to guarantee the lowest possible postage rates and insure that your mail meets all USPS requirements. ... more

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Posted: 07 October, 2005 00:14
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Burgat, Dave
2724 N Penn
OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma 73107
United States
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