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Date: 20 September 2018
PS Mailing Services, UK  

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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Sherborne, Dorset UK company provides mailing solutions, research, data manipulation, printing and copying for direct marketing.PS Mailing Services (PS) provides mailing solutions to commercial customers large and small, in the UK and abroad. It is our aim to deliver superior customer service, excellent value for money and responsive project management. Our speciality is in the despatch of unusual marketing, promotional and research materials, but we can handle many types of projects, from small mailshots to large, complex campaigns. And if for some reason we do not believe we are the best people for the job, we will say so – straight away, no messing. We can help with full direct marketing management, from data manipulation to print, despatch and fulfilment, or help you with any of the key stages in between: Design and maintenance of project databases In-house data cleaning and file processing Print buying and packaging Personalisation of letters, cards and other documents Mailing production Data entry Despatch of product samples, promotional materials and literature Project management and consultancy Design and maintenance of project databases Capturing a response is a crucial part of any direct marketing or market research campaign. It could be a name and address, a request for a product sample, demographic information or points of view. With extensive experience PS has developed the flexibility to provide bespoke database solutions built around what’s relevant to the project and the client. We can build a database to last, perhaps supporting ongoing direct mail or market research; or provide a project specific solution before providing final data or analysis. It’s up to you. Constructed in Microsoft Access our databases can also provide a powerful source of reference identifying perhaps by postcode analysis, where customers are thus informing decisions on other forms of marketing or advertising activity. Contact Us | Back to Top In-house data cleaning and file processing We like to stay close to our work and over the years have found tremendous advantage in sorting out problems with data on the spot. We’ve certainly dealt with some interesting data files and that has given us a bank of practical experience to draw on. The quality of any address list is a crucial part of any direct marketing or market research campaign. Checking for example, for duplicates or “gone aways” can improve cost effectiveness and response. Drawing upon the latest suppression files we can help with that process. Contact Us | Back to Top Print Buying and packaging The final appearance of any mail piece is important to your image so we take care to ensure good print quality and appropriate, safe and secure packaging. We supply printed envelopes, cards and other documents. If it’s more cost effective to involve an external supplier we’ll say so. We have long established relationships with good local printers. We’re also happy to work with materials supplied by our clients so long as we talk first so that we know what to expect and can check the details. If the packaging that we need is not available off the shelf we have local suppliers who can design and print boxes specifically made for your product. In this way we’ve supplied mini pizza boxes printed in red, white and green; extra strong boxes for mailing fragile items like biscuits; and even a very clever box to protect a hot cross bun! With ISDN and email we can receive artwork and supply proofs, checking at every stage before we commit to print. Contact Us | Back to Top Personalisation of letters, cards and other documents Direct communication with your existing or potential customers can only be enhanced by personal contact so a great deal of our print involves personalised letters, cards and other mailers. We can help with the preparation, for example, creating salutations if they don’t already exist in your data file. Our experience in setting up mail merge documents means that we can help create and then print and despatch, complicated documents like pension fund statements for example, with multiple merge fields where the detail has to be spot on. With both laser and inkjet print capacity in-house we have all the options we need to print and our mailing capacity means that we can distribute the job for you as well. Contact Us | Back to Top Mailing Production The range of mailing work that we undertake is considerable so we find the most appropriate form of mailing production to the job. Sometimes that means using machines, sometimes that means finishing by hand. We have an experienced team well used to collating, matching and enclosing documents of all shapes and sizes. We have polywrapping capacity in-house which provides another option in terms of the presentation of your mail. We mechanise the process of dealing with returned mail and have well established procedures to sort returned coupons, reply cards and questionnaires. Out going mail is collected every day from our premises in Sherborne by Royal Mail. In addition, daily courier collections mean that your mail or your parcels won’t be in production any longer than they need to be. Despatch dates form an important part of any project schedule and we’ll discuss that with you as soon as your project is confirmed placing all aspects of the job in to a coherent project plan. Contact Us | Back to Top Data Entry Capturing the information generated by any campaign is an important part of the complete mailing and fulfilment service that we offer. So, for example, we might need to capture a name and address and product preference from a coupon or reply card. We might need to log a respondent number as part of a research project before sending either a reminder or an incentive payment. We might need to capture the views expressed in a questionnaire. Whichever it is accuracy is the key, addresses, for example, are verified against the Postal Address File (PAF) as we go. PS Mailing Services has extensive registration under the Data Protection Act. We appreciate the value and importance of data so will deal with your lists in a sensitive and secure environment. We don’t sell data ourselves but we do have a number of contacts acquired over the years to help us find the best list when we need it, so if you need to acquire a mailing list as part of your marketing or research plan we will be able to help. Contact Us | Back to Top Despatch of Product Samples The range of samples that we dispatch is many and varied. Everything from foodstuffs to cleaning materials, the full range of promotional items, to brand new development products designed to test consumer reaction. In each case we find and advise on the most appropriate form of packaging and carriage. We can source bespoke packaging if we need to using a number of local suppliers. Often attention to detail at this stage can be a good investment if it gives your product better protection in transit or if it enhances your image by ensuring that your gift arrives in good condition. We’ll advise you on the most cost effective way to deliver your product or sample. We have a range of postal services to chose from that offer discounts and, in addition, can offer very competitive courier rates. Out going mail is collected every day from our premises in Sherborne by Royal Mail. Daily courier collections mean that your mail or your parcels won’t be in production any longer than they need to be. Despatch dates form an important part of any project schedule and we’ll discuss that with you as soon as your project is confirmed placing all aspects of the job in to a coherent project plan. Contact Us | Back to Top Project Management Over the years we’ve been involved with any number of multi stage direct marketing campaigns. We’re used to projects in the research context that might involve several stages incorporating different methodology. Whatever the context, we try to apply the same principles; careful planning, clear communication, common objectives and deadlines. We welcome the opportunity to meet at the earliest stage of any project and our clients are always welcome here. Sherborne is an lovely town to visit. Our project management experience in both mailing and postal research informs much of our work, so if in doubt ask, and together we’ll find the solution that suits you best. Contact Us | Back to Top

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You can rely on the PS promise: fast turnaround on quotation requests based on competitive prices projects handled carefully by one dedicated account manager a responsive and flexible service designed to meet your needs ... more

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