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Date: 17 June 2018
Professional Targeted Marketing  



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Markham, Ontario company specializing in direct mail to healthcare professionals.PTM was founded in 1981 with the objective of providing the most accurate, comprehensive and current target list of Canadian physicians. Over time the PTM list has been expanded to include all Canadian Healthcare Professionals and Institutions. PTM Healthcare Lists are the Gold Standard for accurate targeting. None are more complete, more detailed, or more up to date in their approach to identifying your customers. PTM list management draws on hundreds of sources and involves a staff of researchers under the supervision of an MD. Using the PTM database as a cornerstone asset, PTM has developed a portfolio of direct marketing services and programs that include: Stat-Mail - The Canadian market leader in disseminating information via branded letterheads Optimail - A state of the art, on-site lettershop with associated logistical services Stat-Line - Customer contact telecenter Stat-Fax - Fax broadcast service Sample Express - A sample request & market research system for healthcare professionals PharmaDirect - The most widely read and recognized industry communication for Pharmacists, focusing on pharmacy information and targeted classified advertisements CHE Services - Pre- and post-event administrative, planning and information services Drug Recall - the trusted on-call service ensuring our clients that in the event of a product recall, all affected stakeholders can be reached, and product recalled efficiently and immediately All services at PTM are located on-site, providing our clients with the highest level of control. Through the accuracy of its database, the innovative nature of its direct marketing tools, and an experienced team of marketing consultants, PTM has provided services to the majority of stakeholders in the Canadian healthcare system including: government agencies, healthcare associations, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and others. In all of its services and products, PTM continues to be guided by the following objectives: Optimal results from every campaign The highest possible levels of accuracy at any given time Customer service excellence

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Posted: 07 October, 2005 00:45
Site Title: PTM - About Us
Site Desc: PTM is Canada's most reputable and reliable direct marketer to healthcare professionals
Category: MECHANICAL / Packaging / Envelopes
Specialized in: Accuracy - Biological - Call Center - Canada - Che - Clinical Health Education - Cme - Consulting - Contact Center - Database - Demographics - Direct Marketing - Doctor Lists - Drug - Drug Recall - Ethical Drug - Fax Broadcast - Generic Pharmaceutical - Grouped Mailer - Health - Health Canada - Healthcare - Hot Line - Hotline - Infomed
Products: Pharma Direct, PTM Optimail, PTM Stat Mail, Stat Line
Domain information: Administrative Contact:
Scott, Brandon
20 Torbay Rd.
Markham, Ontario L3R 1G6
+1(905) 415-1940 Fax: +1(905) 415-1946
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