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Date: 22 April 2018
Electronic Control Systems, S.p.A.  



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Designs, produces and distributes numerical controls to machine tools manufacturers and to end-users. Major customers are increasingly in the CNC and converter sector. contact

Company Profile

E.C.S Electronic Control Systems S.p.A. was founded in 1970 with the aim of designing, producing and distributing numerical controls to machine tools manufacturers and, in certain cases, to end-users throughout Italy. E.C.S. has taken on an increasing prominent role, in terms of market share, both in the CNC and, subsequently, in the Motion sector. E.C.S. has gradually extended its commercial and technical presence throughout Europe and beyond, working with subsidiaries, agencies and distributors. At the same time E.C.S. has developed a net of technical assistance throughout Italy and in each one of its foreign markets.The constant technological progress that characterises... more

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Posted: 20 November, 2005 21:15
Site Title: E.C.S.- CNC, CN, controlli numerici, automazione industriale, macchine utensili, motori brushless
Site Desc: Produzione macchine a controllo numerico, servomotori e mandrini, azionamenti e convertitori digitali, centri di lavoro fresatrici, rettificatrici, alesatrici, tornitura e torni, CNC, automazione industriale,
Category: MECHANICAL / Mechanical Engineering / Motion control / CNC Controls
Specialized in: Alesatrici - Automazione Industriale - Azionamenti - Centri Lavoro Tornitura - Cnc - Controlli Numerici - Convertitori Digitali Centri Di Lavoro - Fresatrici - Fresatura Alta Velocità - Macchine A Controllo Numerico - Macchine Lavorazione Metallo Legno Marmo - Macchine Utensili - Motori Brushless - Rettificatrici - Servomotori E Mandrini - Taglio Laser Plasma E Getto D'acqua
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