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Date: 23 June 2018
Art Supplies from Dick Blick Art Materials  

United States

United States

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Dick Blick Art Materials has served artists with discount art supplies since 1911. Enormous selection, savings and service on thousands of in-stock art supplies.

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Every time I receive a new catalogue from Dick Blick it's like opening a present. I'm pleasantly surprised by new products and the information that keeps me up to date on what is new for my art. And I really like the ability to refer back to my past orders and my wish list stored right on site. I rarely order from other suppliers. For me they just don't measure up to Dick Blick... more

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Posted: 20 November, 2006 15:06
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Category: CIVIL / Adhesives / Adhesive Spray
Specialized in: Art Supplies - Art Supply Store - Artist Materials - Brushes - Canvas - Clay - Discount Art Supplies - Drawing - Easels - Markers - Paint - Paper - Pastels - Pencils - Sculpture - Watercolor
Products: 3M Photo Mount Spray Adhesive, 3M Spra-Ment Craft and Display Adhesive, 3M Spray Adhesive for Styrofoam, 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive, Blair Maximum Strength Spray Adhesive, Elmer's Craft Bond Multi-Purpose Spray Glue, Elmer's Extra Strength Spray Adhesive
Picture Gallery: 3M Photo Mount Spray Adhesive 3M Spra-Ment Craft and Display Adhesive 3M Spray Adhesive for Styrofoam 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Blair Maximum Strength Spray Adhesive Elmer's Craft Bond Multi-Purpose Spray Glue Elmer's Extra Strength Spray Adhesive
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