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Date: 17 October 2018
Rental of near-surface geophysical instruments - Exploration Instruments, LLC  

United States

United States

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Geophysical instrument rental. Rent it at a fraction of the cost of buying! Twenty years ago, John Fett and his wife Rheo started a geophysical instrument rental business in their house in Hemet, California. Beginning with gravity meters and later expanding into a larger range of geophysical equipment, J. D. Fett Instruments moved to Austin, Texas and grew into the best-known rental company in North America for providing quality instrumentation to the environmental, engineering, and mining industries. In the spring of 1998, John and Rheo decided to retire and sold the assets to a new company: Exploration Instruments.

Company Profile

Since our inception in 1998 (and as J.D. Fett Instruments for the 20 years prior to that) our goal has been to provide customers with the best equipment - wherever and whenever they need it. And we'll strive to meet that goal with each and every order you place with us.
Dennis M. Mills, President of Exploration Instruments, has been involved in many aspects of geophysical exploration for the past 30 years; ranging from contract geophysics to software development. His broad background of field-work and interpretation gives him a unique perspective on the needs of EXI clients:
" I know what it's... more

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Posted: 24 November, 2006 15:14
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Products: 100 Hz Geophones, 100 Mhz Antenna, 100 Mhz Bistatic Ant, 12 inch GPR Survey Wheel, 1500 MHz Antenna, 200 Mhz Antenna, 2360 Alpha Beta, 270 MHz Antenna, 300 Mhz Antenna, 4.5 Hz Horiz, 4.5 Hz Vert, 40 Hz Geophones, 400 Mhz Antenna, 8 Hz /10Hz Geophones, 900 Mhz Antenna, Abem VLF Wadi, Allegro Field PC, Bistatic Ant Optlink, Bistatic Antenna HP, Borehole Hammer, Borehole Radar Ant, C-10 Geophone Cable, C-20 Geophone Cable, C-30 Geophone Cable, C-40 Geophone Cable, C-60 Geophone Cable, Caliper Probe, CK 20 Geophone Cable, Delta Well Logger, DPU Printer, EarthImager 2D, EM-47 TEM System, Fisher 1266-X, GA 52 CX, GA72 CD, Geode Seismograph, Geometrics G-856 Mag, Geometrics G858 Grad, Geometrics G858 Mag, Geonics EM-31, Geonics EM-31 MKII, Geonics EM-34, Geonics EM-38 RT, Geonics EM-39 C/G, Geonics EM-39 G, Geonics EM-39C, Geonics EM-47, Geonics EM-47/57, Geonics EM-57, Geonics EM-61, Geonics EM-61 HH, Geonics EM-61 MKII, Geonics Protem, GeonicsEM-61 MKII HH, Geospace Triax, Geostuff Triax, Geovision 200, Geovision 500, Geovision 650, GPR Training, GR 101, GSSI SIR 2000 GPR, GSSI SIR10 A+, Hanna PH Meter, Hydrophones 12, Hydrophones 6, KIP-94, L&R Aliod G Meter, L&R G Meter, Land Streamer, LD-10 Leak Detector, Ludlum 19uR, MAC51B, Magnatrack102, MG230/235, MiniRes, MLF Antenna, Omni Data Logger, Optical Radar Wheel, OVM 580B, Pro 4000 Field PC, R-24, Winrad NT
Picture Gallery: 100 Hz Geophones 100 Mhz Antenna 100 Mhz Bistatic Ant 12 inch GPR Survey Wheel 1500 MHz Antenna 200 Mhz Antenna 2360 Alpha Beta 270 MHz Antenna 300 Mhz Antenna 4.5 Hz Horiz 4.5 Hz Vert 40 Hz Geophones 400 Mhz Antenna 8 Hz /10Hz Geophones 900 Mhz Antenna Abem VLF Wadi Allegro Field PC Bistatic Ant Optlink Bistatic Antenna HP Borehole Hammer Borehole Radar Ant C-10 Geophone Cable C-20 Geophone Cable C-30 Geophone Cable C-40 Geophone Cable C-60 Geophone Cable CK 20 Geophone Cable Delta Well Logger DPU Printer EarthImager 2D EM-47 TEM System Fisher 1266-X GA 52 CX GA72 CD Geode Seismograph Geometrics G-856 Mag Geometrics G858 Grad Geometrics G858 Mag Geonics EM-31 Geonics EM-31 MKII Geonics EM-38 RT Geonics EM-39 C/G Geonics EM-39 G Geonics EM-39C Geonics EM-47 Geonics EM-47/57 Geonics EM-57 Geonics EM-61 Geonics EM-61 HH Geonics EM-61 MKII Geonics Protem GeonicsEM-61 MKII HH Geospace Triax Geostuff Triax Geovision 200 Geovision 500 Geovision 650 GPR Training GR 101 GSSI SIR 2000 GPR GSSI SIR10 A+ Hanna PH Meter Hydrophones 12 Hydrophones 6 KIP-94 L&R Aliod G Meter L&R G Meter Land Streamer LD-10 Leak Detector Ludlum 19uR MAC51B Magnatrack102 MG230/235 MiniRes MLF Antenna Omni Data Logger Optical Radar Wheel OVM 580B Pro 4000 Field PC R-24 Winrad NT
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