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Date: 21 September 2018
Roof Coatings and Deck Paint, Basement Waterproofing and Basement Paint - Ames Research Paint Manufacturer  

United States

United States

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Manufacturers of Premium Grade Elastomeric Coatings and Roof Coatings. With Over 20 Years of Experience in waterproofing, Basement Waterproofing and Deck Paint. Ames Research is a world renowned Paint Manufacturer of Industrial Coatings.

Company Profile

In 1774, while an infant country was still but a gleam in the eyes of her founding fathers, there was a birth of a different sort taking place. In the colonial town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts a blacksmith was at work. Captain John Ames began making the colonies' first metal shovels. These shovels would replace early wooden and metal English imports and would soon take their rightful place in the rugged hands of enterprising patriots. John Ames and his sons made sure that these tools were the finest quality possible.

Later, the successful Ames Tools were supplied to the Union Pacific Railroad.... more

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Posted: 25 November, 2006 12:47
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Category: CIVIL / Paint and Finishes / Roof Paints
Specialized in: Basement Paint - Basement Waterproofing - Deck Paint - Deck Waterproofing - Flat Roof Repair - Foundation Waterproofing - Hurricane Damage Repair - Industrial Coatings - Paint Company - Paint Manufacturer - Roof Coatings - Roof Paint - Storm Repair - Waterproofing
Products: Block & Wall, Clear Seal, Elasto-Barrier, Elastomeric Stain, Iron Coat, Just Prime, Lightweight Seam Tape, Maximum-Stretch, Paint & Prime 25-Year, Peel & Stick Seam Tape, Reflective Paint, Safe-T-Deck, Safe-T-Deck, Smooth Formula, Snow Seal, Super Primer, Vapor-Barrier
Picture Gallery: Block & Wall Clear Seal Elasto-Barrier Elastomeric Stain Iron Coat Just Prime Lightweight Seam Tape Maximum-Stretch Paint & Prime 25-Year Peel & Stick Seam Tape Reflective Paint Safe-T-Deck Safe-T-Deck, Smooth Formula Snow Seal Super Primer Vapor-Barrier
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