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Date: 15 October 2018
Chemical Flocculents for Water Treatment Information  

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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Ionic Solutions does not wish to receive confidential information from you through this web site and will consequently treat information submitted by you as public.

Company Profile

Ionic Solutions is a specialty chemicals manufacturer with a strong commitment to the research and development of process and performance additives, and the promotion of these additives into a wide spectrum of industries. Our products play a significant role in our customers’ manufacturing and treatment processes as well as adding value to their end products.

With a strong technical ethos we are committed to working alongside our customers to develop bespoke industry specific solutions that will provide unique and creative effects to the final product.... more

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Posted: 27 November, 2006 13:02
Site Title: Ionic Solutions
Site Desc: Makers and sellers of chemical flocculents for water and wastewater treatment
Category: CHEMICAL / Flocculents
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Inter-Mediates Ltd.
2 South Block, Sawbridgeworth
United Kingdom
CM21 9PH
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