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Date: 15 October 2018
Eland Cables is a leading international supplier of electrical cables, industrial cables, special cables, electronic cables and cable accessories.  

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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Eland Cables offers a large and diverse product portfolio combining quality, value, availability and great service.

We invite you to browse 'The Cable Website', where you will find in-depth product and technical information as well as the latest news and offers.

Company Profile

Established in 1975, Eland Cables is a leading International supplier of electrical cables and cable accessories.

We offer a huge range of electrical cables approved to British and International standards as well as accessories from stock. ... more

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Posted: 02 December, 2006 22:10
Site Title: Eland Cables - Supplier of Electrical Cables and Cable Accessories.
Site Desc: Eland Cables - The Cable Website! Eland is an international supplier of quality electrical cables, industrial cables, special cables, electronic cables and cable accessories based in London, UK.
Category: ELECTRICAL / Cables & Accessories / Adaptors and Reducers
Specialized in: Cable Accessories - Cables+london - Cables+uk - Cat 5e - Cy Cable Yy Cable - Electrical Cable - H07rn-f - H07rnf - Supplier Of Electrical Cable - Swa Cable - Sy Cable - Tri Rated - Tri-rated - Trirated
Products: Coil Lead Cable A6K, HO7RN Cable, Rail Signalling Cable, Tri Rated Cable A2T
Picture Gallery: Coil Lead Cable A6K HO7RN Cable Rail Signalling Cable Tri Rated Cable A2T
Domain information: Registrant's address:
77 Muswell Hill
N10 3PJ
United Kingdom
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