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Date: 23 June 2018
Clairtronic UK - Suppliers of Electrical Transformers and Power Supplies  

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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UK based manufacturers, designers and suppliers of electrical transformers and power supplies. These range from chassis and PCB variants to regulated power supplies.

Company Profile

For over 20 years Clairtronic has been involved in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of transformer products, serving both the UK and World markets Clairtronic are able to offer custom designed transformers to suit your specific application from 0.35VA up to 5KVA in rating. A fast prototyping service is also available. Clairtronic’s pro-active approach to product design enables customers to obtain maximum benefit from our transformer knowledge and experience, where innovative design and manufacture are encouraged. Great emphasis is placed on responding to any request as quickly as possible, recognizing the importance of close working and communication with our customers. As part... more

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Posted: 06 December, 2006 14:04
Site Title: Clairtronic UK - Suppliers of Electrical Transformers and Power Supplies
Site Desc: UK based manufacturers, designers and suppliers of electrical transformers and power supplies. These range from chassis and PCB variants to regulated power supplies.
Category: ELECTRICAL / Transformers
Specialized in: Adaptors - Chassis - Control Panel - Designers - Electrical - Electrical Transformers - Encapsulated - Manufacturers - Mounting - Pcb - Power - Power Supplies - Regulated - Safety Isolated - Suppliers - Supplies - Toroidal - Transformers - Uk - Variable - Voltage
Products: Variable Voltage Transformers
Picture Gallery: Variable Voltage Transformers
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