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Date: 17 October 2018
GE Infrastructure  

United States

United States

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GE Infrastructure has been serving the power industry for more than a century. Since we installed our first steam turbine in 1901, our installed based of steam and gas turbines for power generation has grown to more than 10,000 units, representing more

Company Profile

GE electrifies the world by providing reliable, efficient products and services for the energy industry. We help businesses and authorities that generate, transmit or use electricity. We work in all areas of the energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy, as well as with renewable resources such as water and wind energy.... more

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Posted: 15 December, 2006 16:17
Site Title: GE Infrastructure
Site Desc: GE Infrastructure has been serving the power industry for more than a century. Since we installed our first steam turbine in 1901, our installed based of steam and gas turbines for power generation has grown to more than 10,000 units, representing more
Category: ELECTRICAL / Power Generation
Specialized in: Coal - Electrical Test - Energy - Energy Rentals - Ge Energy - Ge Infrastructure - Ge Power - General Electric - Gis - Hydro Power - Nuclear - Oil & Gas - Oil And Gas - Pipeline Management - Solar - Turbine - Wind
Products: 3300 5 mm Proximity Transducer System, Acceleration & Velocity, AMR Meters, API 617, Applications in Petrochemicals, Applications in Power, Blade Switch, Boiler Management Products, Boiler Uprate Programs, centrifugal compressor, Centrifugal Pumps, Ceramic Matrix Composites, Coalogic™ Software, Combustion Optimization & Diagnostic Systems, Committed to Excellence, Compressor Control, Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics, D20/D200, D25, D400, DART, Disconnect Switch (Telescopic and Blade Types), DSTAR Software Tools, EfficiencyMap Software, Emission Control Technology, Emission Monitoring Systems, Engineering and Installation Services, ENMAC™ System, External Gear Generators 50-15,000 kW, Fiscal Metering Systems, Gas Treatment Systems, GateCycle Software, Generator Control, GenGauge™ Software, He-3 Neutron Sensor Assemblies, Heavy Wall Reactors, Horizontal Between Bearings, Horizontal Multistage, Hydro Control, i BOX, Industrial/Commercial Meters, Inspection Technology, Instrumentation & Controls, Integral Gear Generatorsup to 7,500 kW, Isolated Phase Bus Ducts MiniFlux, LM6000 Sprint®, MAPS™ Software, Meter Accessories, Min-I-Phase® Isolated Phase Bus Ducts, MWD / LWD Platform, MWD / LWD Platform, Nitrogen Oxide Control Technologies, Nuclear Detectors for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Oil Brakes 3-7,000 kW; up to 120,000 rpm, Outage Services, Overhung Single Stage, Parts Solutions, PGT25+, Pipe & Bend Heat Exchangers, Plant Optimization & Uprates, Plant Performance Software, Plant Performance Software, Plug Box Heat Exchangers, Power Plant Control, PowerLink Advantage (PLA), Primary Injection Testing, Product Directory, Products for Testing Circuit Breakers, Providing Cleaner Energy, Reactor Modifications, Realizing Potential, Reliability & Life Extension, Round Non-Segregated Bus Ducts, Segregated and Non-Segregated Bus Ducts, Series 23H, Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™, Software & Hardware Upgrades, Solar Cells, Solar Modules, Specialty Projects, Steam Condensers, Technical Support, tMEDIC, Valves, Valves, Variable Frequency Transformers, Vertical, WaterCare, Wind Turbines
Picture Gallery: 3300 5 mm Proximity Transducer System Acceleration & Velocity API 617 Applications in Power Blade Switch Boiler Management Products centrifugal compressor Centrifugal Pumps Ceramic Matrix Composites Combustion Optimization & Diagnostic Systems Committed to Excellence Compressor Control D20/D200 D25 D400 DART Disconnect Switch (Telescopic and Blade Types) Emission Monitoring Systems Engineering and Installation Services ENMAC™ System External Gear Generators 50-15,000 kW Fiscal Metering Systems Gas Treatment Systems Generator Control Heavy Wall Reactors Horizontal Between Bearings Hydro Control i BOX Inspection Technology Instrumentation & Controls Integral Gear Generatorsup to 7,500 kW Isolated Phase Bus Ducts MiniFlux LM6000 Sprint® Min-I-Phase® Isolated Phase Bus Ducts Nitrogen Oxide Control Technologies Nuclear Detectors for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Oil Brakes 3-7,000 kW; up to 120,000 rpm Outage Services Parts Solutions Plant Optimization & Uprates Plant Performance Software Power Plant Control PowerLink Advantage (PLA) Product Directory Providing Cleaner Energy Reactor Modifications Realizing Potential Reliability & Life Extension Round Non-Segregated Bus Ducts Segregated and Non-Segregated Bus Ducts Series 23H Software & Hardware Upgrades Solar Modules Specialty Projects tMEDIC Valves Variable Frequency Transformers WaterCare Wind Turbines
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