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Date: 19 October 2018
Nautech - Oil and Gas Survey Exploration Industry Personnel and ...  

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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Recruitment services for all major hydrographic and marine seismic survey companies. ... Oil and Gas Survey and Exploration Recruitment and Personnel.

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With over 18 years experience in professional personnel services Nautech has provided all major hydrographic and seismic survey companies with reliable, competent and qualified personnel. Nautech are able to source key personnel in the minimum of time and to client specifications. We have a worldwide database of skilled personnel experienced in all aspects of the oil and gas survey and exploration industries. By utilising this database Nautech is able to source key personnel quickly. Nautech has been established 18 years and has provided experienced professionals to all the major seismic and hydrographic survey companies. Nautech management have all got more than 20... more

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Posted: 20 December, 2006 14:20
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Category: MARINE / Exploration & Survey
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