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Date: 25 May 2018
Electronic Plastic Enclosures by Unibox  



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Unibox is a manufacturer of plastic enclosures, plastic housings, plastic boxes, electronics enclosures

Company Profile

Unibox Enclosures is a world-class manufacturer of quality plastic enclosures and related services. The Unibox manufacturing facility, sales and corporate offices are located on the Central Coast of California, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. All Unibox products are produced in-house to ensure the highest quality at an off-the-shelf price. Since 1975, Unibox has been a leading presence in the plastic enclosures marketplace by responding to customer needs with quality, speed and exceptional customer service. ... more

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Posted: 22 December, 2006 18:52
Site Title: Electronic Plastic Enclosures by Unibox
Site Desc: Unibox is a manufacturer of plastic enclosures, plastic housings, plastic boxes, electronics enclosures
Category: ELECTRONICS / Enclosures & Accessories
Specialized in: Electronic Plastic Enclosures - Electronics Enclosures - Electronics Housings - Enclosures - Manufacturer Of Plastic Enclosures - Plastic Boxes - Plastic Cases - Plastic Electronic Enclosures - Plastic Enclosures - Plastic Housings - Small Plastic Enclosures
Products: Battery Enclosures, Desktop Enclosures with Handle, Hinged Proline Enclosures, Instrument Enclosures, New From Unibox, Proline Standard Enclosures, Speaker Enclosures, Standard Enclosures, Wall Mount Enclosures
Picture Gallery: Battery Enclosures Desktop Enclosures with Handle Hinged Proline Enclosures Instrument Enclosures New From Unibox Proline Standard Enclosures Speaker Enclosures Standard Enclosures Wall Mount Enclosures
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