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Date: 22 April 2018
Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics & Telecommunications (ATiT)  



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An audio-visual and IT company specialising in the field of education and culture experience of managing leading edge technology-based projects in the educational and training sector.

Company Profile

ATiT is an audio-visual and information technologies company with offices in Belgium and in Ireland. Set up in January 1999, ATiT specialises in the educational, cultural and training sectors and provides audio-visual production, project management, training and consultancy services to clients all over the world.

Next to these core disciplines, ATiT also houses a smaller division called Create it. Create it offers its managerial and organisational skills specifically to artists and graphical designers by focusing on individualised guidance. For more information on Create it, visit their web site (in Dutch).
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Posted: 09 January, 2007 13:29
Site Title: Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics & Telecommunications (ATiT)
Site Desc: An audio-visual and IT company specialising in the field of education and culture experience of managing leading edge technology-based projects in the educational and training sector.
Specialized in: Audio - Information Technologies - Visual
Products: COST€R Tool, LIBRARe, Savie
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