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Date: 17 October 2018
Audio Note  



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Japan manufacturer of tube amplifier, preamp, Ruthy speakers line, cables and accessories.

Company Profile

KONDO - THE CREATOR OF AUDIO NOTE JAPAN Hiroyasu Kondo founded Audio Note Japan in 1976 and since that date, Audio Note Japan has been manufacturing premium audio reproduction products. Now Audio Note Japan manufacture equipment will bear the logo "Kondo". Please ensure that you receive a sealed Certificate of Provenance when purchasing an Audio Note Japan product. ... more

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Posted: 12 January, 2007 11:19
Site Title: Audio Note
Site Desc: Japan manufacturer of tube amplifier, preamp, Ruthy speakers line, cables and accessories.
Category: TELECOMMUNICATIONS / Cables & Accessories
Specialized in: Analogue - Audio Note - Audionote - Audionote Japan - Cables & Interconnecters - Kondo - Power Amplifiers - Pre-amplifiers - Reviews - Speakers
Products: GAKUOH Monaural Power Amplifier, IO-j, KSL NEIRO, KSL-ACz, KSL-KEGON 300B valves, KSL-LP, KSL-LPD, KSL-M7 PREAMP, KSL-M77 PREAMP, KSL-SPc, KSL-SPz, KSL-VD, KSL-Vz, M-1000, ONGAKU classic amplifier, Ruthy 1, Ruthy 2, Ruthy 3, Ruthy 4, Ruthy-5 II, SILVER TRANSFORMER
Picture Gallery: GAKUOH Monaural Power Amplifier IO-j KSL NEIRO KSL-KEGON 300B valves KSL-M7 PREAMP KSL-M77 PREAMP M-1000 ONGAKU classic amplifier SILVER TRANSFORMER
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