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Date: 20 May 2018
A.T.F. Electronics Woodwork Limited  

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Manufacturer of wooden radio with CD player, CD racks, and classic telephones.

Company Profile

A.T.F. ELECTRONICS WOODWORK LTD. which is established on 1994. Our factory is located in mainland China at 350 square meters. We have 180 workers and we have our well-skilled quality controllers to keep on our good services, best quality and on time delivery for our customers. Also, we have our R&D department to take care our client's OEM projects. ... more

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Posted: 19 January, 2007 14:40
Site Title: A.T.F. Electronics Woodwork Limited
Site Desc: Manufacturer of wooden radio with CD player, CD racks, and classic telephones.
Specialized in: Cd Racks - Classic Telephones - Wooden Radio With Cd Player
Products: CD-820 ~ CD-876, CD-830B ~ CD-875, CD-830R, CD-919C, CD-919C, CD-920C, CD-924C, CD-960C, MT-168, ST-121, ST-121, WF-10P, WF-192B, WF-193, WF-219, WF-220, WF-224, WF-268, WF-288CD, WF-310 & WF-197M, WF-3210, WF-3210S, WF-323, WF-325, WF-327, WF-329, WF-332, WF-333, WF-337, WF-338, WF-362, WF-362, WF-381, WF-381, WF-382, WF-383, WF-384, WF-385, WF-386, WF-387, WF-394, WF-395, WF-399, WF-702, WF-703, WF-706, WF-707, WF-708, WF-924, WF-962, WF-990CD, WF-991CD, WF-992CD, WF-993CD, WF-995CD
Picture Gallery: CD-820 ~ CD-876 CD-830B ~ CD-875 CD-830R CD-919C CD-919C CD-920C CD-924C CD-960C MT-168 ST-121 ST-121 WF-10P WF-192B WF-193 WF-219 WF-220 WF-224 WF-268 WF-288CD WF-310 & WF-197M WF-3210 WF-3210S WF-323 WF-325 WF-327 WF-329 WF-332 WF-333 WF-337 WF-338 WF-362 WF-362 WF-381 WF-381 WF-382 WF-383 WF-384 WF-385 WF-386 WF-387 WF-394 WF-395 WF-399 WF-702 WF-703 WF-706 WF-707 WF-708 WF-924 WF-962 WF-990CD WF-991CD WF-992CD WF-993CD WF-995CD
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