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Date: 17 October 2018
Centro Vision Inc.  

United States

United States

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Manufacturer of photodiodes and related opto-electronics for OEM, medical instrumentation, aerospace and defense, industrial controls, scientific instrumentation, telecommunications and semiconductor equipment.

Company Profile

UDT Sensors is combining business operations with Centro Vision and OSI Fibercomm. The group will be known as OSI Optoelectronics.The new OSI Optoelectronics not only continues the on-going traditions of offering extensive engineering solutions and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, but also reflects the growing customer supports that encompass our latest expansion into new product arenas and application domains. OSI Optoelectronics will carry on these market-driven spirits as the largest and most counted-on manufacturer of optical sensors in the U.S. ... more

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Posted: 05 February, 2007 13:38
Site Title: Centro Vision Inc.
Site Desc: Manufacturer of photodiodes and related opto-electronics for OEM, medical instrumentation, aerospace and defense, industrial controls, scientific instrumentation, telecommunications and semiconductor equipment.
Category: TELECOMMUNICATIONS / Telecommunications Equipment
Specialized in: Custom Photodiode - Fiber Optic Receiver - Fiber Optic Receptacles - Gaas Photodetector - High Speed Photodiode - Optoelectronics - Photodetector - Photodiode - Si Photodiode Products - Uv Enhanced Photodiode
Products: Optics and Optical Systems, Power Monitoring / High Speed / Telecom / Datacom, Silicon PIN + APD / Filter-mounted / LED / Multi-element
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