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Date: 21 September 2018
Sealoflex Waterproofing Systems  



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Manufacturer of products and systems for roofing, waterproofing and coating of buildings and structures.

Company Profile

Sealoflex warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects and that they will meet Sealoflex’s current published physical properties when applied in accordance with Sealoflex’s directions. There are no other warranties by Sealoflex of any nature whatsoever, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose in connection with this product. Sealoflex Inc. shall not be liable for damages of any sort, including remote or consequential damages, resulting from any claimed breach of any warranty whether expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose or from any other... more

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Posted: 08 February, 2007 06:54
Site Title: Sealoflex Waterproofing Systems
Site Desc: Manufacturer of products and systems for roofing, waterproofing and coating of buildings and structures.
Category: MINING / Buildings & Structures
Specialized in: Anticorrosion - Architectural Coatings - Basement Waterproofing - Building Restoration - Buttergrade - Cealobase - Cemflex - Charleston - Concrete Repair - Corabase - Coraflex - Corrosion Protection - Decks - Decorative Coatings - Elastomeric Coating - Epdm - Levelcrete - Liquid Applied Roofing - Masonry Waterproofing - Metal Roofs - Metaletch - Pond Waterproofing - Raintight - Raintight 1 - Raintight 2
Products: Instant Waterproofing Cement, Waterproof Patching Compound, Waterproofer & UV Protector for Wood
Picture Gallery: Instant Waterproofing Cement Waterproof Patching Compound Waterproofer & UV Protector for Wood
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