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Date: 22 June 2018

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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Owns and operates a global satellite network and offers mobile satellite communications solutions for users in the maritime, land and aeronautical sectors.

Company Profile

Inmarsat plc, parent company of Inmarsat Global Ltd, is pursuing a business strategy designed to position it squarely at the convergence of information technology, telecoms and mobility while it continues to serve traditional maritime, aeronautical and land-mobile markets.

Inmarsat is also taking a leading role in the proposed Galileo global satellite navigation system, a project of the European Union and European Space Agency (ESA), scheduled to enter service in 2008.

Under an agreement signed by the eight European companies that form the Galileo concessionaire, or Galileo Operating Company (GOC), Inmarsat will have overall management leadership in the newly-formed Galileo Operations Company (OpCo), with responsibility for global network operations.... more

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Posted: 28 March, 2007 12:26
Site Title: Inmarsat
Site Desc: Owns and operates a global satellite network and offers mobile satellite communications solutions for users in the maritime, land and aeronautical sectors.
Category: AERONAUTICAL / Space
Specialized in: Aeronautical Sectors - B - Fax - Land - M And Mini-m - Maritime - Phone Numbers For Inmarsat-a - Satellite Communications - Telex - Telex/e-mail Addresses
Products: Aero C, Aero H/H+, Aero I, Aero L, Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), Data transfer solutions, Date & File transfer, E-mail, Fax, Fax solutions, FleetBroadband, Global Area Network (GAN), Inmarsat A, Inmarsat B and M, Inmarsat C and mini-C, Inmarsat D+, Inmarsat D+, Inmarsat Fleet, Inmarsat mini-C, Inmarsat mini-M, Inmarsat mini-M, Internet, mini-M Aero, Monitoring, tracking and control solutions, Networking solutions, Safety and security, Solutions for aircraft operational communications (AOC), Solutions for command and control, Solutions for the cabin, Solutions for the cockpit, Swift family of services, Tracking, Vessel Operations, Video solutions, Voice, Voice solutions
Picture Gallery: Aero I Date & File transfer E-mail Fax FleetBroadband Inmarsat A Inmarsat B and M Inmarsat C and mini-C Inmarsat D+ Internet mini-M Aero Safety and security Solutions for aircraft operational communications (AOC) Solutions for command and control Solutions for the cabin Solutions for the cockpit Tracking Vessel Operations Voice Voice solutions
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