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Date: 20 September 2018
PI: Products | Selection Guide | Fast Steering Mirror / Tip-Tilt Mirror Solutions for Active Optics  



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PI: Global Leader: Fast Steering Mirror, Beam Deflector, Active Optics, Mirror Shifter, Mirror Scanner, High-Resolution Imaging

Company Profile

Where nanopositioning technology and motion control systems of the highest accuracy level are concerned, PI has been a leading supplier worldwide for many years.

Over 30 Years Experience
When PI introduced piezoelectric nanopositioning technology more than 30 years ago, typical customers were research labs and universities working on laser cavity tuning, Fabry-Perot interferometers and filters. Few foresaw that whole industrial sectors like semiconductor manufacturing or biotechnology would become dependent on progress in nanopositioning. Today, not even the precision machining industry can do without nanometer-level positioning systems.

Key Technologies In-House
PI follows a vertical integration strategy designed to develop and maintain all key technologies in-house.... more

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Posted: 30 May, 2007 11:54
Site Title: PI: Products | Selection Guide | Fast Steering Mirror / Tip-Tilt Mirror Solutions for Active Optics
Site Desc: PI: Global Leader: Fast Steering Mirror, Beam Deflector, Active Optics, Mirror Shifter, Mirror Scanner, High-Resolution Imaging
Category: MECHANICAL / Mechanical Engineering / Motion control / Motion Control Components
Specialized in: Active Optics - Adaptive Optics - Astronomical Telescopes - Astronomy - Beam Deflection - Beam Deflector - Deflector - Fast Steering Mirror - Mirror Shifters - Phase Shifter - Piezo Tip/tilt Platforms - Pzt Driven Active Optics - Scanners - Steering Mirror - Steering Mirrors - Ultra-fast Piezo-driven
Products: P-518 · P-528 · P-558, P-541.2CD · P-542.2CD, P-713 · P-714, P-721, P-725, S-224 · S-226, S-303, S-310 – S-316, S-325, S-330, S-334, S-340
Picture Gallery: P-518 · P-528 · P-558 P-541.2CD · P-542.2CD P-713 · P-714 P-721 P-725 S-224 · S-226 S-303 S-310 – S-316 S-325 S-330 S-334 S-340
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