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Date: 23 April 2018
Raytheon: A History of Global Technology Leadership  

United States

United States

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Two former college roommates Laurence K. Marshall and Vannevar Bush, along with scientist Charles G. Smith, founded Raytheon Company in Cambridge, Mass., as the American Appliance Company in 1922.

Throughout its more than 80-year history, Raytheon Company has been a leader in developing defense technologies and in converting those technologies for use in commercial markets. From its early days as a maker of radio tubes, its adaptation of World War II radar technology to invent microwave cooking, and its development of the first guided missile, Raytheon has successfully built upon its pioneering tradition to become a global technology leader.

It's all here for you. Explore the links to learn about the company's exciting path through the 20th century. Read more about Raytheon's early days, the company's expansion into diverse business markets, and technology leadership.

Company Profile

Shared past, one future: the making of a global technology leader

With a history of innovation spanning 85 years, Raytheon today is the result of continuous technological leadership. Over the years Raytheon has acquired businesses with impressive legacies of their own including: Beechcraft; E-Systems; Texas Instruments' Defense Systems and Electronics business; and Hughes Aircraft's Defense Electronics business. All these businesses brought complementary skills and expertise, which have combined to make Raytheon a global leader in defense, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world.. Here's a quick look back at the history of Raytheon. This proud past has positioned... more

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Posted: 02 January, 2009 08:54
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Products: Space and Airborne Systems, Integrated Defense Systems, Missile Systems, NETWORK CENTRIC SYSTEMS
Picture Gallery:  Space and Airborne Systems Integrated Defense Systems Missile Systems NETWORK CENTRIC SYSTEMS
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