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Date: 21 May 2018
Aeronautical Testing Service, Inc.  

United States

United States

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Aeronautical Testing Service, Inc. is an aeronautical consulting and manufacturing company involved in the engineering, development, and design of new and modified aircraft. Our primary emphasis is wind tunnel testing in support of FAA certification, but we regularly provide customers assistance with flight testing and landing gear drop testing.

Company Profile

Aerodynamic Design and Analysis We have many tools available for design and analysis of various aircraft and modifications. Our capabilities include: * Airplane design. * Wings and wing modifications. * High lift systems. * Propellers (including ducted fans). * Engine installations. * Intercooler design. * Aerodynamic loads for aircraft certification purposes. * Piloted six degree of freedom simulation. * Computational Fluid Dynamics. * Design of structural test fixtures. Aircraft Certification ATS, Inc. is... more

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Posted: 14 June, 2009 01:20
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Specialized in: Aeronautical - Aircraft - Vortex Generator
Products: Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamic Design, Flight Testing and Data Acquisition, Manufacturing and Prototyping, Utility Computing, Wind Tunnel Testing
Picture Gallery:  Fluid Dynamics Aerodynamic Design Flight Testing and Data Acquisition Manufacturing and Prototyping Utility Computing Wind Tunnel Testing
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