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Date: 20 September 2018
DaWei Induction Heating Machine Co.,Ltd  



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DaWei induction heating machines are wildly used in heat treatment, bonding, brazing, welding, forging, melting and heat fitting solutions in many fields like medical device, auto parts, metalwork, Machinery&equipment Industry, electronics and electrical industry, Metal industry and Packaging industry, Cable&wire, Foundry&metal .Tube&pipe, ect. The main applications are as following. A: parts surface heating treatment, parts surface hardening, tempering, annealing, etc. B: metal brazing, high-frequency brazing, pan bottom brazing, tool head brazing, copper brazing, lead-free soldering, vacuum fusion, etc. C: forging, shaping, warm bending, high frequency shrinkage fitting, heat enveloping, heat sealing, metal desiccating, nut inserting, rotor inserting,etc. D: precious metals melting. E. dry resin, resin coating, warm resin forming,shrinkage fitting & Extraction ect.

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Induction heating machines apply the most advanced electric components and unique high-new techniques.They can heat metal quickly and partially. They can also penetrate nonmetal to heat metals till metals fuse without contacting with metals directly. Compare with other heating methods, our induction heating machine has many advantages: self-control and self-protection function. It starts up with required pressure and water, taking up less floor space and requiring less start-up and shutdown time, heating safely, frugally without any pollution. With the company development, our company pay more and more attention to research& development and service after sales. We comply ISO9000-2000 strictly in... more

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Posted: 31 January, 2010 23:40
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Products: induction hardening machine, induction heating machine
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