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Date: 20 September 2018
Universities Space Research Association (USRA)  

United States

United States

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Provides organizational and scholarship information by a university association devoted to space exploration and technology.

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The Universities Space Research Association (USRA), a private, nonprofit consortium of 100 colleges and universities, is seeking a Director for its Division of Space Life Sciences (DSLS). This Division is located in Houston, Texas near the Johnson Space Center. The DSLS manages all of USRA’s activities in the space life sciences. The division’s research and educational programs encompass multiple discipline areas, including bone and muscle physiology, space radiation health, environmental health, immunology, microbiology, nutritional biochemistry, and technology development. The Director of the DSLS provides management oversight of all aspects of the Division’s operations and serves as an... more

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Posted: 07 June, 2005 20:57
Site Title: Universities Space Research Association ? USRA
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