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Date: 15 October 2018
Olin College MarsPort Team  

United States

United States

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A student group developing a Mars deployable greenhouse. Includes educational materials and a "radio drama."

Company Profile

A team of 14 Olin Partners has accepted the challenge of designing a Mars Deployable Greenhouse for NASA's MarsPort 2002 competition. On December 14, the team was announced as one of six seminfinalist teams in the competition. They submitted their Preliminary Design Review on March 24, and the Detailed Design Review on May 3. The team is currently working on its presentations for the MarsPort Conference. This site will grow into a hub for the team's outreach and educational activity. ... more

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Posted: 07 June, 2005 21:08
Site Title: MarsPort 2002: Evolutionary Deployable Greenhouse for Mars
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Category: MECHANICAL / / Astronautics
Specialized in: Botany - Design - Educate - Educational - Engineer - Engineering - Greenhouse - Mars - Marsport - Martian - N.a.s.a. - Nasa - Olin - Olin College - Plant - Report - Rocket - Space - Students - Terraform
Products: Choose Your Own Adventure, History of Space, Mars Planet, Our Solar System, The Space Shuttle
Picture Gallery: Mars Planet
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