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Date: 20 September 2018
Orbital Laboratory  

United States

United States

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Student designed experiment aboard the International Space Station. Students can monitor their payload and compare it to their own ground based control.

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Explore the surface of Mars in our newest simulation. The simulation begins by choosing an ideal landing spot using previous spacecraft data and tips from a planetary scientist. Once the rover has landed, students work to complete as many of the mission objectives as they can. To bring this into your classroom, contact a product specialist today! Retired NASA Astronaut David Low has flown in space three times during the STS-32, STS-43, and STS-57 missions. He even performed a spacewalk of almost 6 hours on the STS-57 mission! Here’s your chance to chat about space travel and ask Mr.... more

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Posted: 07 June, 2005 21:13
Site Title: Space Explorers, Inc.
Site Desc: Our Mission: To motivate children to learn using discovery, inquiry, and analysis. Our Internet-based products and multidisciplinary curricula will improve K-12 students' understanding of math, science, and technology.
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