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Date: 20 September 2018

United States

United States

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Spacecraft and mission profile from the National Space Science Data Center.

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Skylab. Objective: Manned. Type: Space station. First and only US space station to date. Project began life as Apollo Orbital Workshop - outfitting of an S-IVB stage with docking adapter with equipment launched by several subsequent S-1B launches. Curtailment of the Apollo moon landings meant that surplus Saturn V's were available, so the pre-equipped, five times heavier, and much more capable Skylab resulted. External solar/meteoroid shield ripped off during ascent, tearing away one solar panel wing and debris jamming the remaining panel. Without shield temperatures soared to 52 deg C (126 deg F). Launch of the crew was delayed for... more

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Posted: 08 June, 2005 16:30
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Products: Skylab CSM 1, Skylab CSM 2, Skylab CSM 3
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