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Date: 19 October 2018
Piezo Tip/tilt Platforms  
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Anacon Systems, Inc. (Popularity: 1)

Category: MECHANICAL \ Mechanical Engineering \ Motion control \ Industrial Control Systems

Designs, develops and manufactures low-cost, high-efficiency AC Induction motors, speed controls and AC motor controllers using proprietary mixed signal integrated circuits and software algorithms.

Piezo Kinetics (Popularity: 1)

Category: MECHANICAL \ Materials \ Ceramics

Manufacturer of small and specialty piezoelectric ceramic elements and assemblies for medical, ultrasonic, underwater and other commercial applications.

Surf Communication Solutions DSP Boards (Popularity: 1)

Category: TELECOMMUNICATIONS \ Telecommunications Equipment

Provides hardware and software 3G-H.324M compliant products, including DSP boards and voip chips with G.729 codec transcoding, resource boards and development platforms, that drive high-capacity distribution of triple play voip, video and modem &...

Crossbow Technology - Revolutionary Wireless Sensors and Inertial Systems (Popularity: 1)

Category: TELECOMMUNICATIONS \ Mobile/Wireless

Makes scalable product set of: hardware and software development platforms, full product designs, production and professional services, to help OEMs.Leading supplier of inertial sensor systems, wireless data logger and measurement systems,...

DSLAMs (Popularity: 1)

Category: TELECOMMUNICATIONS \ Telecommunications Equipment

DSLAM platforms that empower you to tailor your service offerings to specific market segments -- residential subscribers, telecommuters, SOHOs, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations -- adding new revenue streams while reducing your...

PI: Products | Selection Guide | Fast Steering Mirror / Tip-Tilt Mirror Solutions for Active Optics (Popularity: 1)

Category: MECHANICAL \ Mechanical Engineering \ Motion control \ Motion Control Components

PI: Global Leader: Fast Steering Mirror, Beam Deflector, Active Optics, Mirror Shifter, Mirror Scanner, High-Resolution Imaging

PI Leader in: Precision Nano-Positioning & Piezo Engineering, NanoAutomation, Hexapod Parallel-Kinematics, PZT, Piezo Actuator, Transducer: Sub-Nanometer Resolution, Metrology, Photonic Packaging Automation, Piezo Linear Motor, Steering Mirror, Tran (Popularity: 1)

Category: MECHANICAL \ Mechanical Engineering \ Motion control \ Motion Control Components

Leader in: Precision Nanopositioning, micro-positioning, Nano-Transducer, Piezo Actuator, PZT, Piezo Scanner, PZT Positioners, Piezo Pushers, Piezo Actuators, Transducers, NanoPositioners, Piezo Ceramics, Piezo Piezo Motors

PI: Products | Selection Guide | Hexapods / Motorized Micropositioning Stages & Actuators, Hexapod, Micro Actuator, Translation Stage, Rotation Stage, Linear Transducer (Popularity: 1)

Category: MECHANICAL \ Mechanical Engineering \ Motion control \ Motion Control Components

PI: Global Leader: Hexapod MicroRobot, Parallel Kinematics, Translation Stage, Linear Stage, Rotation Stages, slide, micropositioner, micropositioning, 6 DoF, Six-Axis, 6 Axis, Piezo Motor, Linear Positioner, Linear Actuator, DC Servo Motor,...

Applications (Popularity: 1)

Category: TELECOMMUNICATIONS \ Telecommunications Equipment

Payment and operator solutions, business applications and messaging services for both fixed and mobile networks.

PI: Products | Selection Guide | Photonics Alignment, Fiber Positioning (Popularity: 1)

Category: MECHANICAL \ Mechanical Engineering \ Motion control \ Motion Control Components

PI: Global Leader: Photonics Alignment System, Fiber Alignment, Photonics Packaging, 6D photonic alignment, Nanoalignment, Nano Aligner, ultra fast CyberAligner Piezo-Alignment Systems. Fiber alignment, collimator alignment, photonic packaging,...

Sensor Systems the innovative Italian Sensor Company (Popularity: 1)

Category: ELECTRICAL \ Sensors

Specialised in the production of industrial sensors and play nowadays a leading part in design and manufacturing contactless inclinometers (magnetoresistive, hall effect and silicon) and contacless rotary sensors.

Stainless Steel Dimple & Chequered sheets (Popularity: 1)

Category: AERONAUTICAL \ Aircraft Engineering \ Materials and Supplies

Mumbai based Naman Steel unique & quality supplier of stainless steel Dimple & Chequered sheets for platforms & Floorings. We can supply the following sheets in grade 304 & 316 quality. Along with dimple & Chequered sheets we also deal in texture...

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology (Popularity: 1)

Category: ELECTRICAL \ Digital Signal Processing

Sundance leads the world in the design and manufacture of mixed COTS digital signal processing and FPGA architectures. Sundance modular and customisable COTS hardware and software systems are easy to reconfigure to suit all high-speed I/O and...

Records 1-14 of 14
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